SodaStream, for All the Reasons

Welcome to a sparkling world of content that allows you to explore the art of mixology, learn how SodaStream can help you live a healthy lifestyle, and discover why SodaStream is the best choice for both you and the planet

At the touch of a button, SodaStream transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, offering you the delight of crafting any sparkling drink you can imagine. But the magic of SodaStream doesn't stop there. Venture with us into a bubbling universe where the art of mixology is at your fingertips, where a healthier lifestyle is just a sip away, and where your chives are a step towards a better planet. Welcome to SodaStream – where every bubble tells a story of flavor, wellness, and conscious living. 

What makes SodaStream a tasty choice?

  • Having a SodaStream at home enables you to create endless possibilities of fresh sparkling drinks your way, at the push of a button.
  • 68% of SodaStream users say they like to entertain their guests with freshly created SodaStream sparkling drinks.
  • With SodaStream’s sparkling water makers and delicious flavors, you can have your favorite drinks always available at home anytime, without the hassle of having to store bottled drinks.

Step into a world of mixology

What makes SodaStream a Healthier Choice?

  • 69% of SodaStream users say they started living a healthier lifestyle since having a SodaStream at home.
  • SodaStream sparkling water makes it easy and fun to stay hydrated throughout the day. 
  • With SodaStream creating & drinking healthy drinks is no longer a task - it’s fun and easy, at the push of a button.

Step into a world of wellness

What makes SodaStream a Sustainable Choice?

  • One SodaStream can help save up to thousands of single-use plastic bottles.
  • 73% of SodaStream Users say they became more environmentally conscious since owning a SodaStream.
  • The "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" philosophy is incorporated into SodaStream’s ecosystem.

Step into a world of sustainability

*SodaStream consumer data is based on a survey conducted by Ipsos on active users of SodaStream in various markets in March 2023.