Your Ultimate Holiday Beverage Checklist

Use this checklist to simplify your holiday hosting while creating a customized beverage experience. This 7-point holiday beverage to-do-list will ensure you have everything you need to round-out your bar cart, whether you're hosting a soirée or simply cozying up with your loved ones. 

1. Garnishes

Beverage garnishes always take your holiday drinks to the next level. Elevate your mocktails with fresh herbs, citrus twists, and even edible flowers. You can use a peeler to create artist orange slices in a “New Old Fashioned or add a lemon peel twist into your “Pepsi Lemonade.” Mint, basil, and rosemary are the most versatile herbs for a drink garnish. Consider some great dishware to house your garnish supplies, because beverage garnishes not only ensure your drinks taste great, but also look stunning too. Let the vibrant colors and shapes make your holiday drinks Insta-worthy.

2. Mixology Kit: Cocktail Shaker, Muddler, Jigger, Stirrer

Investing in a mixology kit is a must for any holiday host. With tools like a shaker, muddler, strainer, stirrer, and jigger, you can craft professional-grade holiday drinks from the comfort of your home. No one needs more mixology equipment than guests seeking quality, non-alcoholic drinks. Elevate your sparkling mocktail game simply by having the right tools. After a few tries, you’ll see that even a basic mixology kit and SodaStream will enable limitless beverage possibilities.

3. Flavor Drops

These small bottles will not take up a ton of space, but will provide a ton of delicious flavor. Since they are so small, we suggest getting a variety of flavors (and backups!), that way you are guaranteed to have a drink mixer for everyone. Having a wide range of flavor drops will allow you and your guests to easily unleash your inner mixologist. We find that the most-used flavor drops for any mocktail or cocktail are lime, grapefruit and mango - you can find them bundled here for your convenience.   

4. Holiday Drink Recipe Cards

Leverage our deep library of holiday drink recipes to create recipe cards for your bar cart or drink station. Copy our drink recipes onto a holiday-themed card and lay out the supplies. These recipe cards will empower your guests to make their own signature drinks. From re-crafted classics like the "Mistletoe Mashup" to unique creations such as the "FriendsGiving Fizz," our holiday drink recipes are your secret weapon for cultivating a creative, interactive vibe at your holiday event.

5. CO2

There is nothing worse than getting all the items on this list set up perfectly, only to hear the slow fizz of an empty CO2 canister. Never be without CO2 when you’re hosting for the holidays. Keep at least 1 or 2 backup canisters stocked for your parties. You can never have enough when you’re hosting. The best way to ensure you never run out of CO2 is to Subscribe and Save. Save time, money, and effort with a SodaStream subscription and get fresh CO2 sent right to your door. No more running out of sparkling and no more running out to the store. A steady supply of CO2 delivered to your door will ensure your holiday drinks sparkle.

6. Ice 

Ice is nearly as essential as sparkling water for your bar cart - and you can never have too much of either! It always seems like hosts are asking someone to run out and buy a bag of ice. Make your life easier by loading-up ahead of your event. Even if you have an icemaker, think about pre-making some cubes to store in your freezer. 

Add some style to your drink station with an ice bucket and tongs. Crushed ice is great for high balls, but we love an oversized cube, like you can see in this “Starry Paloma” recipe video. Better yet, add a personalized touch with custom ice cubes. You can get holiday-themed ice trays to make your fizz festive.

7. Drinkware

Elevate your event with some signature glassware. Holiday drinks just hit different when they are paired with the perfect coup, highball or martini glass. Not sure what glass matches your events signature cocktail? Take a look at our library of drink recipes and get inspired by the drinkware we’ve meticulously selected to enrich the elegance and flavors of our favorite beverages. 

Incorporating these 7 key elements into your holiday drink preparations will make your gatherings easy and unforgettable. 

Don’t wait, get your bar cart stocked with CO2, garnishes, flavor drops, ice and test out your mixology kit. Your event will be here before you know it. And don't forget to share your limitless sparkling creations on social media using the hashtag #SodaStream. 

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