Develop A Healthy Morning Routine with SodaStream

Mornings can set you up for success and are the foundation upon which our entire day is built. Below we have outlined  the art of crafting a healthy morning routine using SodaStream to supercharge your hydration habits. 

Here are simple tips to revitalize your mornings and set a positive tone for the day ahead!

Tip 1: Rise and Hydrate

If you want to improve your mornings, the first thing you should do is reach for some hydration. The benefits of hydration are endless and beginning the day with the resources your body needs is a surefire way to ensure a healthy start that will ripple through your entire day. Thanks to SodaStream, you can infuse your water with bubbles that invigorate your senses. A glass of sparkling water awakens your taste buds and primes your body for the day's challenges ahead.

Tip 2: Bigger Bottle

Having a glass of water is great, but a whole bottle can be even better. Choose your larger SodaStream, BPA-free or glass bottlefill with some sparkling hydration to give you that extra, delicious push to drink more. Our bodies are around 60% water1,so take some time in the morning to set an ambitious hydration goal.

Tip 3: Add Flavor

If bubbles alone won’t give you the boost you need to reach for that hydration, try adding a little taste. We’ve got an endless library of delicious recipes to help make healthy hydration habits more enticing. Here’s one, simple citrusy suggestion:

Add a zesty twist to your morning hydration routine by incorporating the power of lemon. Lemons are packed with vitamin C and antioxidants that aid digestion and boost your immune system.2 Use your SodaStream to carbonate water and squeeze in the juice of half a lemon for a delightful and tangy morning elixir. It's a refreshing way to cleanse your palate and kickstart your metabolism.3

Tip 4: Drink Prep

Maybe you find it hard to motivate yourself to make a bottle of sparkling hydration in the morning. Well, you’ve probably heard of meal prep – pre-planning and preparing healthy meals to keep you nourished through the week – try drink-prep. Before you go to bed, fizz up some delicious, customized bubbles that will add motivation to your morning hydration routine.

Step 5: Sip Mindfully, Set Intentions

As you savor your revitalizing SodaStream creation, take a moment for mindfulness. Set positive intentions for the day ahead. Visualize your goals, express gratitude, or simply embrace the calm of the moment. Mindful sipping allows you to center yourself before the hustle and bustle of the day take over. This step enhances the overall impact of your healthy morning routine, setting the tone for a productive and positive day.

Tip 6: Caffeine and Carbonation.

If you love coffee or caffeinated tea, be aware thattoo much caffeine can actually cause dehydration.4 So, if you find yourself reaching for a few cups of coffee or tea in the morning, it is extra important to make sure you hydrate. Luckily, sparking water is the perfect pairing to coffee or tea. In Italy, it is tradition serve their famous expressos with sparking water. Try linking your caffeine consumption to some healthy, carbonated hydration to make sure you’re starting your morning right.

Bonus Tip for Tea Drinkers:

For those who love their tea, but want to reduce their caffeine intake, try this innovative way to shake up your infusions. Use SodaStream to carbonate your water, then steep your favorite caffeine-free herbal tea bag in the fizzy water. This creates a unique and soothing beverage. Chamomile, peppermint, and hibiscus are fantastic options that bring a touch of tranquility to your morning routine.

Embrace the art of crafting a healthy morning routine with SodaStream, and witness the transformation in your hydration habits. By incorporating these simple tips into your mornings, you'll not only hydrate your body but start your day the right way. The marriage of fizz, flavor, and mindfulness sets the stage for a day filled with energy, positivity, and wellness.

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