Sparkling Water Makers

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Live sustainably by reducing single-use plastic

Stay hydrated Stay hydrated

Enjoy fresh sparkling water just the way you like it

Say goodbye to carrying heavy plastic bottles

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Create healthy, delicious soft drinks, cocktails and more

Sparkling Water Makers

SodaStream offers a full range of sparkling water makers, delivering fresh bubbly soda water at the push of a button.

SodaStream water carbonators turn plain water into fresh sparkling water in seconds. We offer the best assortment of sparkling water machines for the home and office, including the E-Terra with one-touch carbonation, an easy-to-connect CO2 cylinder and a dishwasher-safe bottle.

If you are looking for the best seltzer machine that allows you to customize fizzy drinks just the way you like them from the convenience of home, SodaStream offers the perfect soda water maker for you.

Step into SodaStream, your one-stop shop for premium sparkling water carbonators. Unleash the potential of your tap water, transforming it into sparkling carbonated water with the simple push of a button. Our array of soda makers, including the innovative Art model, is designed to give you a unique, personalized hydration experience right at home. With user-friendly CO2 cylinders and dishwasher-safe bottles, our sparkling water carbonator makes creating your favorite fizzy drinks a breeze. SodaStream is not just a brand. It's a lifestyle. Empower yourself with the freedom to craft your beverages and join the SodaStream movement today - where every bubble brings a smile.