Get a Spare Cylinder

Keep a backup cylinder and never run out of bubbles. Each cylinder makes up to 15 gallons of fresh sparkling water.

*Depending on the level of carbonation and type of Sodastream sparkling water maker

Our Pro Tip:

Never run out of bubbles! We recommend having 3 cylinders on hand and refilling 2 at a time to reduce your shipping costs.

Getting a refill or a back up?

Find the best option for you

Exchange Empty Cylinders
Exchange Empty Cylinders
Return your empty cylinders for full ones and pay only for the refill
Order a Spare
Order a Spare
Buy a spare cylinder online and never run out of gas

Any empty cylinders lying around?

Don’t forget to send them back! Replacing empty cylinders with full ones saves you money and helps the environment.

Our gas cylinders

Each sparkling water maker is compatible with a specific cylinder: either the Classic screw-in system or the Quick Connect system.

Which cylinder do I need?

SodaStream benefits





*Depending on the level of carbonation and type of SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker.

Your Gas Guide

Find the answers to all your cylinder and CO questions right here