How To Use Your SodaStream Fizzi

Let's assemble your SodaStream and make some sparkling water!

Step 1: Assemble the parts.
You'll need a full SodaStream carbonating cylinder, a bottle, and your Fizzi. Take your cylinder and unscrew the cap. Open the back panel of your sparkling water maker, insert the cylinder, and screw the top into the machine. Tighten firmly but do not force it too much. Replace the back panel.
Step 2. Fill & insert the bottle.
Fill the bottle with water up to the indicator line. Move the support handle outward and push the bottle up and in. You should feel the bottle lock into place.
Step 3: Let's bubble!
You're finally ready to push the button! Press firmly and hold for 1-2 seconds. Enjoy the puffing noises and watching the bubbles. Repeat up to 7 times for light to heavy carbonation.
Step 4: Bask in the bubbles!
Firmly hold the bottle and move it outwards to remove. Enjoy!

Try adding a few drops of fruit essence, flavors, or fresh fruit to flavor your sparkling water.

Pro Tip: Sparkle smarter and always keep a spare cylinder!