7 Reasons to SodaStream

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People are making their own fresh sparkling water in the comfort of their own homes, and the benefits are paying off big. We’re fortunate to live in an era of innovation—where technology is helping us live happier and healthier lives. SodaStream is one of those great innovations, making life healthier for us, and for the planet.

Once you know why it’s so good to SodaStream, we know you’ll want to—again, and again. Keep reading to find out 7 reasons why making fresh sparkling water from the comfort of your own home will change your life for the better.

1. Save Money on Your Grocery Bill
the lifecycle of plastic

Take it from Benji J., a satisfied SodaStream customer, who said that he’s:

“…wasted so much money through the years by buying bottled sparkling water. Not anymore! This device makes it so easy!!! I highly recommend it!”

Keeping a SodaStream in your home or office will allow you to start saving money immediately on store-bought carbonated water. SodaStream’s carbonating cylinders make up to 60 liters of fresh sparkling water with the perfect amount of carbonation every time.

Plus, you can say goodbye to the added cost of driving to the store to purchase more and more single-use plastic bottles of your favorite bubbly drink. That means more money in your pocket!
2. Get Excited About You (and Your Loved Ones) Drinking More Water
the lifecycle of plastic

SodaStream's home carbonation systems make plain old water more exciting and fun to drink.

SodaStreamers report drinking 63% more water than average, and when you hydrate with SodaStream, you’re maintaining your body’s physical performance, promoting healthy organ function and digestive regularity, supporting weight loss, and preventing unpleasant conditions such as headaches and kidney stones.
3. Your Favorite Flavor sparkling water at Your Fingertips in Less than 10 Seconds.
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You can drink pure sparkling water anytime you want with SodaStream, but you can also create personalized fresh fruit infusions, classic flavors and innovative combinations, depending on your in-the-moment beverage craving, including possibly a glimpse of grapefruit or a delicious rendezvous with raspberry.

Vary your carbonation levels to suit your tastes, and then all you need to do is pour in the natural flavor, mix, and enjoy!

It really is that easy, and the options are limitless.
4. Support a Healthy Environment by Cutting Down on Single-Use Plastic Bottles
the lifecycle of plastic

By 2025, SodaStream users will eliminate 67 billion single-use plastic bottles from our planet, so we don’t have to go looking for a new one.

It all starts with the innovative carbonating bottle. Just a single SodaStream bottle can help the average family reduce more than 3,070 single use bottles and cans from our planet.

SodaStream allows you to contribute locally by pouring your fresh sparkling water directly into a glass or reusable bottle. This is critical in eliminating the environmentally damaging manufacturing and supply chain linked to single-use plastic bottles, as well as removing their need for daily use.

SodaStream is proud to do its part, and to help you do your part, by reducing the presence of tiny microplastics and toxins that are caused by slowly degrading single-use plastics in our landfills.
5. With SodaStream, you’ll enjoy fresh sparkling water all the time - no need to worry about it going flat.
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Tired of being left with a flat, lifeless drink too soon after opening? No need to worry about this with SodaStream.

The self-carbonation machines enable you to always have a fresh bottle available at the push of a button, so your favorite, tasty beverage is always bubbly, even if someone forgets to screw the cap back on!
6. SodaStream is convenient. Really really convenient.
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When you SodaStream, you never run out of great tasting sparkling water.

You can finally stop lugging all of those heavy bottles home from the supermarket. All you need to do is fill your SodaStream canister with fresh water, lock it into the machine, press a button and you’ll be instantly making fresh sparkling water without ever leaving the house.

Gone are the days of running out of your favorite drinks in the middle of dinner. Now you can make your own delicious favorites without missing a beat. Get creative and make sparkling water with lemon for a refreshing treat, orange soda for the kids, or even an organic old-fashioned lemonade.
7. Drink whatever you want, whenever you want.
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SodaStream infuses new life into your water. Drink plain sparkling water, fresh fruit infusions, classic flavors and innovative combinations, depending on your in-the-moment beverage craving. With lots of flavor additions and a wide range of cocktails to make, SodaStream makes drinking water exciting & healthy!

Striving to bring you the tastiest, most exciting hydration options, SodaStream is always experimenting and adding fun and popular options to the flavor lineup. They also want flavors to be better for you, containing 50% less sugar than store-bought alternatives with 100% of the deliciousness.

Bottom Line

SodaStream is not just a sparkling water company; it’s a truly holistic way of life. And now that you know why to SodaStream, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to adopt this healthy, fun, convenient and friendly approach to hydration. So, are you ready to SodaStream?