Top 10 Benefits of Staying Hydrated

Hydration is critical for your physical and mental well-being. The famous 8x8 rule 1 of hydration says that everyone should drink 8, 8oz glasses of water every day – but why?

As adults, our bodies are made up of around 60% water, and that percentage is even higher for children. So, it makes sense that drinking plenty of water plays a crucial role in our physiological and psychological health – especially for our loved ones. All our most important mental and physical needs require adequate levels of hydration every day to function properly.

Pro-tip: Sparkling water has the same hydration efficiency as flat water, and making hydration fun and personalized to your tastes, like with customized sparkling water from SodaStream, can increase the likelihood of achieving ideal hydration.

Whether it is your mental sharpness or your physical performance, there are so many reasons to start and maintain healthy hydration habits. Here are our top 10 reasons below:

1. Clearer Thinking: Staying hydrated helps maintain better brain function2. Our brains are composed of an even higher percentage of water than our bodies. Watering our minds helps improve concentration, focus, and overall mental clarity.

2. Mood Management: Proper hydration can positively impact mood - reducing the risk of a dried-out attitude.

3. Better Digestion: Healthy water intake aids in digestion – keeping things moving and giving your body what it needs to absorb all those nutrients.

4. Increased Energy: Being adequately hydrated combats fatigue, supports physical endurance and boosts energy levels throughout the day.

5. Joint and Muscle Health: Proper hydration supports joint lubrication and can reduce the risk of muscle cramps and strains. If you are getting cramps or pain, try increasing your water intake.

6. Clearer Skin: Staying hydrated helps your skin be healthier, more radiant, and less prone to issues like dryness and acne.

7. Improved Immunity: Maintaining healthy levels of hydration will help maintain a healthy immune system. If you’re having a sore throat, sparkling water is extra beneficial since it activates our swallowing reflexes.

8. Temperature Regulation: Adequate hydration aids in regulating body temperature - not just for sports or hot weather, but in everyday life too!

9. Heart Health: Maintaining proper hydration supports a healthy cardiovascular system and there is evidence that it may reduce the risk of certain heart-related issues3.

10. Kidney Function: keeping your body flush with fluids helps the kidneys efficiently flush out waste and toxins from the body.

Bonus Benefit: You can also improve your community and environment if you stay hydrated with lower-carbon footprint beverage systems like SodaStream. Since we need to drink so much water, single use plastics can add up over time. That’s why SodaStream seeks to implement sustainability in every aspect of its sparkling water systems.

You can give yourself, your loved ones, and your community a healthy boost by staying hydrated. Discover more about our innovative sparkling water makers, CO2 cylinder exchange, personalized flavor options and all the healthy, delicious ways you can stay hydrated at

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2Staying hydrated helps maintain better brain function

3 evidence hydration may reduce the risk of certain heart-related issues