Expert Advice for a rewarding Dry January

Dry January is an amazing opportunity to reevaluate our behaviors and set a course for a healthier lifestyle. SodaStream is here to support your new-you in this new year. We’ve collected advice from experts and long-time Dry January participants. Below are some considerations for setting up your Dry January for success.


Framing your intentions is essential. A lot of people just jump into Dry January and try to piece it together on-the-fly. Instead, take a moment to set expectations, goals, rewards and what to do if you slip-up. A useful exercise is to picture yourself achieving or falling-short of your goals. By clearly identifying what success and failure look like, you help define your expectations. Clarifying your goals will help you stick to them.

Additionally, our experts say that having both positive and negative reinforcements help us stay committed. Think of this like giving yourself a reward at the end of every week you stick to your goals, but if you regress, forcing yourself to do a more difficult exercise routine or tough chore. But don’t be too hard on yourself. Our experts all cautioned against an all-or-nothing mentality. Be forgiving if you make a mistake and recognize that this is a difficult commitment. A great way to think about Dry January is as a moment to recalibrate your behavior patterns, not a win-or-lose contest. Any improvement is a step in the right direction.

Tools to keep you committed

Practice saying no. Our experts say “skip the alcohol, not the social event.” They advise to come up with a plan for how to decline alcohol before you’re in a public. Find a polite and lighthearted way of saying "no thanks” that works with your personality. This will disarm any pushy friends and make your life easier.

Stay busy. Keeping your calendar full is a great way of avoiding temptations. Try to plan lots of morning activities that will motivate you to avoid risking a hangover. Staying busy will help you stay away from alcohol.

Try lots of new things. With the extra energy and clarity you will have, this is a great time to try new endeavors. De-stressing activities like yoga and exercise are a great way to keep you occupied and engaged.

Make it public. Put it out there through social media or just social gossip that you are serious about Dry January. This will not only hold you accountable, but it will also help you find your support squad. Others will be less likely to tempt you if they know you are committed to Dry January. Don’t be scared of embarrassing yourself if you regress, just begin again and people will respect your resilience.

Alcohol Alternatives

It is essential to find your alcohol-free alternative beverage. Luckily, SodaStream has an extensive library of mocktail recipes for you to explore.

Mixologists say: “bitter is better.” If you love a good cocktail, wine or beer, it's probably that "bite" that you'll miss most in alternatives. Sparking water can mimic the beloved bubbles of champagne, cocktails and beer, but bitter flavors like ginger, grapefruit and lime will be best for replacing that bite.

Experts suggest having the right tools. With tools like a shaker, muddler, strainer, stirrer, and jigger, you can craft professional-grade, alcohol-free beverages.  Try the SodaStream’s Mixology Kit to elevate your beverage game..

No matter how you do it, Dry January is a worthwhile adventure. It’s a great opportunity to re-imagine new habits. SodaStream is here to support your wellness vision with sparkling encouragement, tools, and advice. Check out our mocktail-to-meal pairing, mixology kit, and our extensive recipe library.