Gas Exchange

Upon placing an order for CO2 gas cylinders (“Cylinders”) you must return used Cylinders to SodaStream USA Inc. SodaStream will ship the full capped Cylinders to the address provided by you upon placing the order including a pre-paid mail return label and box for the return of the used Cylinders via email.

For the return of used Cylinders, please use the box in which you received the full Cylinders. Place the caps on your used Cylinders and place in the box, attach the enclosed pre-paid return shipping label and attach it to the box.Return by placing the box in your mailbox or visit any USPS location ( Your cylinders are due back no later than 60 days after the order is placed, free of charge. order, free of charge. SodaStream must receive the used SodaStream Cylinders no later than sixty (60)days after the order is placed.

Should you fail to return the used SodaStream Cylinders within such sixty (60)days, SodaStream will charge your credit card $15.00 USD plus tax for each used Cylinder not returned.

Please note that used Cylinders returned to SodaStream must not be damaged or tampered with in any way. Cylinders that are damaged or that were tampered with will not be accepted.

Cylinders ordered at are provided pursuant to the User License Agreement that accompanied either the Sparkling Water Maker or Cylinder. It enables you to receive the CO2 gas contents. The Cylinders will remain at all times the sole and exclusive property of SodaStream. You and/or anyone on your behalf will not have and/or claim to have any additional rights with respect to the Cylinders other than the usage rights specifically granted.